do not throw pearls to swine

do not throw pearls to swine
With allusion to MATTHEW vii. 6 (AV) Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine. Often in the phrase to cast pearls before swine.

1340 Ayenbite of Inwit (EETS) 152 Thet we ne thrauwe naght oure preciouse stones touore the zuyn.

1362 LANGLAND Piers Plowman A. xi. Noli mittere Margeri, perles Among hogges.

1526 Pilgrimage of Perfection II. iii. The holy fathers thought it nat expedient to disclose the secrete misteryes to euery worldly person... Cast not your perles before hogges.

1550 R. CROWLEY Epigrams A3v Before suche swyne no pearles maye be caste.

1816 S. SMITH Letter in S. Holland Memoir (1855) II. 134 Elgin has done a very useful thing in taking them [the Elgin Marbles] away from the Turks. Do not throw pearls to swine.

1925 WODEHOUSE Sam the Sudden xi. ‘Young women do not interest me.’ The proverb about casting pearls before swine occurred to Sam.

2001 Spectator 3 Nov. 8 I am always inclined to toss such people a copy of The Way of All Flesh to show them what great late-Victorian fiction-writing was really about, but that would be pearls before swine.

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